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All About Explorers: Beta Testing Begins!

Over the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes at All About Explorers. We have essentially rebuilt the site from the ground up to add new features and some new content. 

Now we need your help!

Although we have an enormous team of full-time professional designers and web developers…. Whoa, I got carried away there. I thought for a minute I was writing another one of our explorer bios. Let me try that again….

Since our team is small—two people, in fact, both of whom have “real jobs”—it is a certainty that there are things that we haven’t gotten right yet. In the redesign and transfer of content, we probably missed something or messed something up, and though we have caught a large number of glitches already, we could use your help tracking them all down.

Below are a few specific things that we’d like you check out, but please don’t feel limited by this list. Take the new ship out for a spin around the bay, test the sails, kick the rudder, poke around in the galley and the crew quarters, even. Let us know what you find and what suggestions you have for making it better.

  • So far we have tested the site on only a few specific computer/browser configurations. We need people to try it out on many more systems so we can make it as accessible as possible to everyone. If you’re sending us a bug report, please tell us your operating system, browser, and version numbers so we can track down the problem. I promise we won’t use the information for anything nefarious! We’re All About Explorers, not All About Pirates! (Though that’s a cool idea for another website….)
  • A major new feature is the ability to register at the site. Registered users have exclusive access to certain features and content, and we expect this to grow in the future. Registration is free, of course. If you’re concerned about how we will use your personal information, check out our privacy policy first.
  • We have also added user forums as an experimental feature for registered users. We envision using these for communication with our users, tech support, and user-submitted ideas and suggestions. Try them out, post some test topics or comments, and see how it works. While we are in beta, please be aware we may need to delete user content from time to time in order to fix problems.
  • Currently all of the content at our main site should be present here on the beta site with the exception of the webquest. That content is being moved and should be available within the next few weeks (and hopefully much sooner). If you discover something that we’ve missed, please let us know so we can get it transferred.
  • Your help is essential! We also welcome your suggestions for new content, reorganizing the site, and lesson plan ideas. Please submit your ideas in one of the forums, or share it with us through the web site contact form. We look forward to exploring with you!

About the Webmaster

Gerald Aungst is the Webmaster and Lead Designer for AllAboutExplorers.com. He works as a part-time custodian at Oceanside Community College in Casper, Wyoming, and frequently audits graduate level courses in differential histrionics when he is not sweeping and mopping the campus beach. Or not..
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