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All About Explorers Settles Lawsuit

It has been a rough couple of months for the All About Explorers team. Our site has been the defendant in a class action lawsuit brought by a group of parents, guardians, and private tutors. The plaintiffs were seeking restitution and damages resulting from low grades which they claim were unfairly caused by information we supplied to their children and students via our website.

In a statement from Les Khlu, Esq., lead attorney for the plaintiff class, they outline their argument: “We represent that since the All About Explorers website was founded in 2006, nearly seven hundred students have failed assignments due to the use of blatantly false information posted at the site. We are only asking that the website founders return what was stolen from our innocent victims because of their negligence. Too many parents have lost points on these papers and projects. It must end here.” It was not immediately clear whether the ambiguity of the attorney’s statement, leaving the actual identity of the negligent parties in question, was intentional. We opted not to pursue that line of argument, however, choosing instead to take the high road.

Because revenue for the website comes entirely from product placement and ticket sales for our upcoming live concert tour, after a great deal of anxious discussion behind closed doors, we have decided to settle the lawsuit. Our settlement in no way is intended to be an admission of guilt, simply a realization that we do not have the resources to fight against such an organized attack on our good name.

We signed the settlement agreement earlier today, and are now free to publicly announce the details. All parents of students in grades K-8 who have used (or may have used) the All About Explorers web site for any school assignment are members of the class, and are therefore entitled to a share of the settlement. All About Explorers has agreed to pay out 113 million points good towards any school report, project, or assignment in social studies, English, or other humanities subject. There are an estimated 35 million members of this class, so each recipient will get a certificate good for 3.23 points.

If you are a member of the class, you may access and download your certificate here: Settlement Certificate

About the Webmaster

Gerald Aungst is the Webmaster and Lead Designer for AllAboutExplorers.com. He works as a part-time custodian at Oceanside Community College in Casper, Wyoming, and frequently audits graduate level courses in differential histrionics when he is not sweeping and mopping the campus beach. Or not..

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