Thanks to the Centennial School District for supporting this project by allowing us time to develop the All About Explorers web site, create the lessons, and field test all the activities. Thanks also to Centennial teacher-librarians Nancy Ring, Jack McAvoy, Chris Shepper, Joanne Brown, and George Fisher for assistance with writing biographies and field testing activities. Special thanks to Dr. Jenny without whom none of this would have been conceivable, let alone possible.

We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is hereby granted for other educators to copy this WebQuest, update or otherwise modify it, and post it elsewhere provided that the original authors’ names are retained along with a link back to the original URL of this WebQuest. On the line after the original author’s name, you may add Modified by (your name) on (date). If you do modify it, please let us know and provide the new URL.

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