Phase 1: World Holidays

The first step is to learn as much as you can about how we honor people with holidays. Note: your team will have a folder to organize your materials. Keep everything you do! You will be turning this folder in at the end of the project. 

    1. Select one of the holidays from the list below. Be sure each person in your team selects a different holiday.
      U.S. HolidaysWorld Holidays
      Martin Luther King Day
      President’s Day
      Columbus Day
      Veteran’s Day
      Memorial Day
      Boxing Day (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada)
      Guadalupe Day (Mexico)
      Guy Fawkes Day (United Kingdom)
      St. Lucia Day (Sweden)
      Shichi-Go-San (Japan)
    2. On your own, use at least two sources (one Internet and one print) to gather information about the holiday to complete the Big6 Data Chart for Phase 1. Create a bibliography card for each source, or use a tool like Citation Machine or EasyBib to record your sources.
    3. Share your results with the other members of your team and compare the holidays. Use the back of the chart to make a list of similarities and differences that you find.
    4. Use these Internet sources for your research: