Phase 2: Choosing an Explorer

The next step is to identify one explorer who is worthy of being honored with a new holiday and to learn about that person so you can design an appropriate celebration. 

  1. Work with your team to select a world explorer from the list the teacher provides you. 
  2. Determine how your team will split up the work necessary to complete the Big6 Data Chart for Phase 2. (For example, you might assign each person to study one source and answer several questions, or each person could be responsible for one question and locate the answer in various sources.) You must use at least two sources (one Internet and one print) to answer each question. Create a bibliography card for each source, or use a tool like Citation Machine or EasyBib to record your sources.
  3. Generate a list of aspects of your explorer that are worth celebrating based on your research. Include any other interesting facts you may have found beyond the questions. 
  4. Begin creating a map that shows the voyages your explorer took. This map will be completed in Phase 3 as part of your folder, and you may also use it during your presentation. 
  5. Use these Internet sources for your research:

    Note: Remember to review sources critically as we learned in earlier lessons. Don’t forget that all the biographies here at are fictional and should not be used for your research in this project!