This project will take approximately 10 class sessions depending on the level of detail you want the students to provide in their final presentation. Sessions can be taught on separate days or may be combined into one longer instructional period depending on the needs of the students.

Divide students into teams of 3-4. Each team will work together on all three phases of the project. Provide each team with a folder containing the following:

Printed instruction packet for the project
4 copies of Big6 Data chart for Phase 1 (2-sided)
4 copies of Big6 Data chart for Phase 2
4 copies of Big6 Data chart for Phase 3
1 copy of the project rubric

Collect this folder at the end of the project as part of the lesson assessment.

Note that links to all Internet sources required for student research are located on the student instruction page. Teacher instructions for each phase are in the next three sections (see links below).