Language Arts Standards Addressed

  • Use and understand a variety of media and evaluate the quality of material produced (PA Academic Standard 1.2.5B)
  • Write persuasive pieces with a clearly stated position or opinion and supporting detail, citing sources when needed (1.4.5C)
  • Speak using skills appropriate to formal speech situations (1.6.5C)
  • Locate information using appropriate sources and strategies (1.8.5B)
  • Organize and present the main ideas from research (1.8.5C)

Social Studies Standards Addressed

  • Describe and explain historical research (PA Academic Standard 8.1.6D)
  • Identify and explain how individuals and groups made significant political and cultural contributions to United States and world history (8.3.6A and 8.4.6A)

In addition to these academic learning outcomes, students will also practice skills in critical thinking, creative production, comparison, and teamwork.